How to get a clean edit using One Willow Lightroom Presets

I love many styles of editing and a good, clean edit ranks right up at the top of the list. There is something about importing a photo in to Lightroom, clicking a preset or two and having a completed photo that just makes me giddy (or it could be the fact that I have little one’s on my lap or climbing on my chair). Either way, it’s a great feeling to edit a photo in such little time.

I captured this photo one afternoon when I noticed out a window, the beautiful large snowflakes falling. I had my daughter put on her red coat and we ventured out for an impromptu photo shoot. For tips and a preset recipe on getting a clean edit please scroll down.

Start with a good SOOC. Getting it right in the Camera saves you so much time in editing. My settings for this shot were ISO 100, f/1.8, 1/1250 sec, 85mm. When metering in the snow be careful not to over expose your whites.

After importing the Raw file in to Lightroom 4, I adjusted the WB to add more warmth and increased my exposure slightly.

Next, I applied the following presets from the Palette Collection; Workflow Depth + Tone- Contrast + Post- Sharpen. I decreased the magenta saturation in the HSL panel to remove the pink fringe that was apparent in the bokeh whites dappled throughout the trees. I also decreased the Blacks in the Basic panel slightly.

To print I would have saved directly out of LR. To prepare for the web, I exported as a jpg and sized, watermarked and web sharpened in PS CS4.

Do you have a Lightroom Tutorial you would like to have featured on the One Willow Preset Blog? If so, I’d love to hear about it! Please contact me through the contact link above!

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  1. Jessica says:

    Does web sharpening in PS do a better job than web sharpening on export in LR? I have been doing all of my editing in LR and was wondering if I need to add PS to my workflow. How do the web sharpening tools differ in LR and PS? Thanks and beautiful edit!

  2. Jess says:

    Hi Jessica! I’ve just emailed you a response! Thanks much!

  3. Kristi Creed says:

    Really liked that you showed your workflow process. Really helps as I am newer to LR. Thanks <3


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