Reviews and Features


“I could not be any more impressed with One Willow presets for lightroom. They apply so easily to my photos and need minimal tweaking in order to get the right look. Every black and white photo I process is done with Ophelia. It is one of my absolute favourites! Jessica takes the time to test out all of her presets and which is so important. She has an fantastic product and is an incredible vendor.”

One for the Wall Photography


“I’m so grateful for Jessica’s lightroom presets. I am now able to almost exclusively edit all my sessions with only a rare visit to Photoshop (usually only when I need skin smoothing and/or cloning work). My workflow is a lean, mean, efficient machine [grin] with One Willow in my arsenal.”

Susan Keller Photography


“Ever since I first started using One Willow Presets, I knew I was going to be hooked. I use them to help me process every single portrait and wedding of mine! My favorites are, ‘Timeless, Eternity, Country Road, and Novella’ Thanks Jessica!”

Maggie Fortson