Creating a Vignette Using the Radial Filter

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One of my favorite and most used Lightroom Tools is the Radial Filter. I’ve found it to be the easiest and most efficient way to enhance the background of a portrait in Lightroom. For this reason, I prefer using a radial filter to create a vignette on a portrait over using the vignette setting in the effects panel. I’ve found using a Radial Filter provides a more cohesive effect and gives me more control of the settings and vignette placement.


To start this image I adjusted my exposure and white balance. I then applied the Vibrant Preset and used various Lightroom Brushes from the Brush Collection.


The Radial Filter is located in Develop Module on the toolbar just below the Histogram. (or click Shift+M)


Click on the Radial Filter tool and place the cursor (+) in the approximate area of the photo that you would like to be the center of the Radial Filter. Click on the center and drag until you create the shape and size of the filter that suits your edit. Once the filter is in place, you can reshape and resize it as needed by grabbing the handles (white squares on circle) and moving them accordingly.


The Radial Filter uses the same effect sliders as Lightroom Brushes. This means you can use brush presets or create your own effects. The effects will automatically default to applying outside of the filter (there is an option to invert mask if you ever need to change this for another effect). For this image, I chose to use the Radial B preset from the Matte Collection. You can adjust the opacity of this effect by moving the amount slider. If you want to customize it a bit more, you can open up the effect sliders (black arrow) and adjust the individual settings as needed.

TIP: The Feather slider adjusts the fade of the filter. Keep this adjusted soft for a more cohesive filter application.


The Final Image after applying the Radial Filter.


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