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What are Lightroom Presets?

Lightroom Presets are a saved file of settings. They are designed in Lightroom and installed into Lightroom as .lrtemplate files to create different effects and various processed looks on a photo. One Willow Presets are available for Raw and Jpg  files processed in Lightroom versions 4 and newer. Lightroom Presets are not compatible for installation in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.


What programs do Lightroom Presets work in?

One Willow Presets are compatible with Adobe Lightroom (versions 4 and newer).  From time to time, Adobe may release program updates or new program versions that change the settings of the presets and the effects of the presets.


What Lightroom version do One Willow Presets work in?

Currently One Willow Presets are compatible with Lightroom 4, 5 , 6 and CC. From time to time, Adobe may release program updates or new program versions that change the settings of the presets and the effects of the presets. Preset upgrades are not guaranteed with new Lightroom versions but continued support will be provided.  Due to the digital nature of One Willow Presets, all sales are considered final.


What file format did you use for the OWP Collection before/after galleries?

The Before/After galleries are created with RAW files and RAW presets.  However, the same photos are tested in Jpg format to insure that the presets are close in consistency.  Note:  JPG effects may vary slightly from RAW presets due to the file formats processing differently. 


What lighting style do One Willow Presets work best with?

One Willow Presets work best when editing photos taken in natural light (unless noted differently in the preset collection description). 


How will I receive the OWP Collection once I place my order?

Once your purchase has been completed, you will be directed to and emailed an instant download link. It is recommended that after downloading you make a back-up copy of the preset file(s).


Are Lightroom Presets adjustable?

Yes, all of the lightroom presets in OWP Collections are adjustable. Once you apply the preset to your photo you can make whatever adjustments you need to suit your photo.


Are Lightroom Presets 'One Click' edits?

Yes and No. The secret to getting the most out of your presets, is to get as much right in camera as possible. Often, when the exposure and white balance are in line, you can one click a preset and be done or will find yourself very close to it.  Other times, more tweaking is required to get the preset to suit the photo. OWP do not adjust the Exposure or White Balance. I always recommend having these two setting correct before exploring which preset to use.  Additionally, you may need to utilize the adjustment brush to make isolated adjustments on your photo. After a while, you will establish some go-to presets. Pair those with batch editing and you will find yourself much happier during editing.


What are the Finishing Presets found in OWP Collections?

Use Finishing presets after you have applied the full preset. You will see different effects from the finishing presets, some subtle and some a bit more dramatic. They are meant to give you a little more control over the full preset; you can lighten or darken, define, increase shadows, clarify, etc. The most important thing to remember about the these presets is that they need to be applied after the actual preset. You can use the finishing presets alone if just a little boost is needed.  Also, you can use more than one— just keep clicking until you get the ‘look’ you love.


What is the One Willow Preset Refund Policy?

One Willow Presets have been carefully designed and tested and I believe you will be quite pleased with them. However, please be aware that due to the digital nature of these products no refunds will be given. I will always be happy to work with you on any problem you may experience. From time to time, a program update or new version will be released by Adobe and it will change the settings in the develop module.  As a designer this is out of my control.  Preset upgrades are not guaranteed when this occurs and all sales are considered final after download.  Once a file has been downloaded no exchanges or refunds will be given. It is highly recommended that you create a back up copy of your presets.


How do I install Lightroom Presets?

A PDF containing written Install Instructions, for both Mac and PC, is included with each OWP purchase.


Zip Files

The OWP Collection will download to you compressed in a zip file. Please have working knowledge of how your computer handles and unzips downloaded zip files before purchasing.  If you experience trouble with unzipping a downloaded file please refer to your desired search engine to look for ‘unzipping files’ tutorials per your specific computer type and operating system.


Copyright and Distribution Notice:

By purchasing One Willow Presets you agree not to sell, share, redistribute or recreate them as your own.


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