Urban Senior Portrait Edit Using Lightroom Presets

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TIP: Make any necessary exposure, WB adjustment, and heal/clone touch-ups prior to applying the Develop Preset. Preset effects display the best on properly exposed images. You can adjust these again, if needed, after applying the preset.


APPLY THE DEVELOP PRESET- For this image I applied the Vibrant Matte Preset from the Matte Collection.

TIP: Presets are fully adjustable and sometimes require some tweaking to suit an image . After applying a preset, make any adjustments needed to get the best overall look.


USE LIGHTROOM BRUSHES TO MAKE LOCAL ADJUSTMENTS– Here I used a variety of Lightroom Brushes from both the Brush Collection and the Matte Collection; Warming, Darkening, H&S, Skin Soften, Eye Sparkle, Eye Whites and Color Enhance.

TIP: When switching between Lightroom Brushes be sure to click ‘New’ before choosing the Brush Preset- otherwise your last painted on effect will switch to the new settings.


USE A RADIAL FILTER– In my opinion, this is the secret weapon of Lightroom and one of my most used tools. Here I added Radial Filter B from the Matte Collection and decreased the exposure setting to create a more dramatic effect.

TIP: Radial filters use the same same settings panel as Lightroom Brushes- this means you can use brush presets for radial filters too.  I’ve found Radial Filters are the most effective way to add a controlled, cohesive vignette in Lightroom.

To learn more about the Radial Filter- Check out this tutorial!


LASTLY- Sharpen and prepare for print and web as needed.



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